Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, sbf88胜博发手机版 wants to meet you. And you'll want to meet us.

You’ve been in the classroom, and now you may be ready to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world setting.

Ready to intern? sbf88胜博发手机版 offers meaningful summer and winter internships that bring you into our workplace and our culture. We encourage you to get involved and gain the experience you need to go—and grow—forward. Here, our interns don’t refill coffee; they are a part of our team. Interns are encouraged to participate in meetings, offer up ideas and contribute in meaningful ways. Speak up; we’ll listen.

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You may also be interested in our Rotation Program. Our Rotation Program is unique. In your first 14 months with the firm, you will work extensively in both tax and assurance, allowing you to experience both departments before permanently transitioning into the department best suited for your individual skills and interests.

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新员工培训: We have a plan in place to help our new hires acclimate to our culture, job responsibilities, and resources necessary to advance your careers. We treat onboarding as a process that happens over time, not just on your first day at sbf88胜博发手机版, so that you can become well-adjusted to your job responsibilities as successfully and efficiently as possible.

Performance Management: All associates and interns are given a Performance Manager; this helps you feel supported and engaged starting on your very first day and continuing throughout your career with the firm. Your Performance Manager will aid in providing feedback, preparing and delivering your performance evaluations, and helping you to set developmental goals to empower your personal growth at sbf88胜博发手机版.

Training and Development Opportunities: Your first week with sbf88胜博发手机版 will involve training facilitated by various sbf88胜博发手机版 associates with the intent to help you get acclimated to your job responsibilities, technical duties, and give you the opportunity to meet many of the individuals with whom you will be working. sbf88胜博发手机版 offers many other internal and external training opportunities throughout your career in order to provide you with the tools necessary to succeed from both a technical and nontechnical standpoint. We offer personalized goal setting to help you meet and exceed the personal and professional goals you’ve set for yourself, as well as the ones we’ve helped identify for you. With the help of your Performance Manager and the individuals you work with, we are confident in the resources provided to help you develop into a successful professional 在这里 at sbf88胜博发手机版.


Open Internships

有创意的. 独特的. 令人印象深刻的. We’re not your ordinary accounting and consulting firm. For the fifteenth year in a row, sbf88胜博发手机版 was among the Business First Best Places to Work in central Ohio. If you think like an entrepreneur that just happens to be an accountant, this is the place for you. We are always looking for new associates, from recent graduates to experienced hires; we encourage you to submit your resume.  Click on any of the links below for more information or to apply for the position.

sbf88胜博发手机版 does not perform interviews via Telegram, Discord, or any other cloud communication applications.
sbf88胜博发手机版 only performs interviews via phone and Microsoft Teams.

Join us as a sbf88胜博发手机版 intern and experience life at a premier public accounting firm.  As an intern you will do worthy, meaningful work as a contributing member of the sbf88胜博发手机版 team. You’ll see 这是 not what we do or how we do it – 这是 为什么 we do it that makes all the difference.

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''Coming out of college, it is hard to tell from your class experience whether you want tax or audit. I had a similar struggle, that’s 为什么 sbf88胜博发手机版’s rotation program was a great fit for me. I thought I wanted to be an auditor but after getting a full rotation in both departments I realized tax was the best fit for me.''

Jeff Waldeck, 税 Senior Manager (Miami University)

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