Article written by: Craig Guillot

Manufacturers face many challenges today as they try to prepare their business for the future. To help all manufacturers make that transformation easier, the Manufacturing Leadership Council recently announced its Critical Issues roadmap to Manufacturing 4.0:

1. Factories of the future.
The MLC says all manufacturers must embrace the transition to Manufacturing 4.0 to create autonomous, flexible, connected and automated sustainable factories and production models…

2. The integrated manufacturing enterprise.

3. Innovation in manufacturing.
Manufacturing companies must now develop and manage the innovation process in constant search of new products, processes and efficient methods.

4. Transformative technologies.
Manufacturing 4.0-enabling technologies can help organizations achieve greater agility and competitiveness to drive growth and create better customer experiences…

5. Next-generation manufacturing leadership and the changing workforce.

6. Cybersecurity.
As manufacturing becomes more complex and moves more into the digital world, cybersecurity is become a growing issue. Manufacturers must identify their challenges and create processes and a culture that will ensure data security.

A recent report from BDO indicates that more than 90% of manufacturers cited cybersecurity concerns in their most recent SEC disclosures. That’s a 44% increase compared to 2013.


This article originally appeared in BDO USA, LLP’s Manufacturing Output Newsletter – February 2017. Copyright © 2017 BDO USA, LLP. All rights reserved.

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